3D Paper Puzzle – Squid

Create your own DIY interior decoration with this 3D Paper Squid!

We got a new member to our Marine family! You can now take the Marine life into your home decoration in a very animal friendly way. All our paper creations are made with FSC-paper. And so is this 3D paper Squid. Assembling this 3D paper Squid is a creative DIY. The feeling of joy when you are ready with assembling this beautiful funny squid is great, and it will be an eye-catcher in your interior.

The Squid kit contains:

  • 1 black template for the body.
  • 1 coloured metallic template for the body.
  • A sheet with clear building instructions.

You don’t need any scissors or craft knife to assemble this paper Squid! After assembling you can choose to put a few drops of glue to keep your Squid in the best shape, but it is not necessary.

Squid facts:

Did you know that there are about 300 different species of squid in the world! They live in all of the oceans throughout the world, including in the freezing cold Antarctic waters. Squids are very special animals, they have eight arms and two tentacles which are even longer than the arms. And they have 3 hearts in their body!

Squids eat a range of different foods, including tiny animals such as little fish and krill, and sometimes they even eat each other like cannibals. Their lifespan ranges from 3 to 5 years, but some large squid can live as long as 15 years. Squids are usually black, white, brown, or gray, but many of them can change their appearance when they need to. They have special cells in their skin that allows them to change colors. They can use that color to signal to other squid or to help camouflage themselves to avoid predators.

The scientific name of the Squid is Teuthida. It is Greek and means fierce. And a Squid is fierce! They have strong beaks with which they kill their prey and eat them.

The shape of the squid allows it to slip quickly through the water. It uses its fins for propulsion, but if the squid is in a hurry it moves by taking in water through its mantle and then squirting it out through its siphon, jet-propelling it through the water. The siphon can be moved in any direction, allowing the squid to quickly move whichever way it chooses.

Almost all squid have an ink sac, except for the nautilus and some deep-sea species. Squids use the ink when they are in danger. They spray it into the water and then disappear behind the ink cloud.


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