Measuring your ring size is actually very easy. We’ll explain below in our ringsize chart how you can measure your ringsize using a couple of very easy tools.

How do I measure my ringsize?

You saw our gorgeous ring on our webshop and would like to purchase one. For that you need to know if the ring will fit you rightly. Rings made by Happy Hippies use a fit size. We use the inner diameter of the ring, because this is the easiest to measure. Below you’ll find a couple of ways to determine your ringsize. You’ll find a table to look up your size. On the left you see the inner diameter sizes in milimeters. This is the inner diameter of the ring, that you can easily measure in rings you already own. Do you already know your ringsize? Then it’s time to look for our rings and even one of a kind rings.

Diameter ring size (mm)Circumference ring size (mm)Ring size USRing size UK

Measure the inner diamter of a ring to determine your ring size

The easiest way to determine your ring size yourself is by using a ring you already own. It’s also the best way if you would like to give someone a ring as a present.

Take this fitting ring and put it on a ruler. Put one inside on the 0 milimeter point of the ruler and see the size on the other point of the inner side. Now you have the inner diameter ringsize. We usually refer to this size.

Use a piece of straw to determine your ring size

If you do not have an existing ring, it’s easy to use a piece of straw to find out your ring size. Wrap the piece of straw around your finger (not too tight!) and cut it where it meets. Measure the straw in milimeters. The length of the straw is the circumference of your finger and so the circumference ring size you need. Look to the table to see which diameter ring size meets this size. Instead of using a piece of straw you can also use a strip of paper that you cut or write on with a pen.

Use measuring tape to determine your ring size

This is not the easiest way to do it, but especially handy if you are interested in a wider ring. Wrap the measuring tape around your finger and check the number of milimeters where the tape meets. The length you now have is the circumference of the finger and thus the circumference of the ring. Check the tabel to see which diameter size this belongs to.

Measuring your ring size on one of our events

In case you need help finding out your ring size, off course we are happy to help. Check our event calender to find out when we are present on a lifestyle market near you. Feel free to try our rings on there, and we can help you find your size.